about cathy segal-garcia


“Musician’s singer” Cathy Segal-Garcia is a vocalist of “real music integrity” poignantly reports Critical Jazz reviewer.  Wherever she travels in the world, audiences and musicians are moved.

Segal-Garcia’s deep connection to rhythm and her earthy and organic voice brings a nakedness to her communication, a direct line in to one’s heart. Her repertoire includes original compositions and modern interpretations of standards and jazz musicians’ compositions.

2018 announces the release of her 11th CD, The Jazz Chamber.  With a crew of 30 stellar musicians from L.A., produced by pianist/composer Bevan Manson and industry expert Dennis Dreith, this project is an amazing compilation of beautiful arrangements, with very special guest artists, including: Tierney Sutton, Kate McGary, Mon David, Fish To Birds, and the legendary Bennie Maupin.  Read full bio here...

The Jazz Chamber

Executive Producer / Dan Davilla

Producer/Arranger  Bevan Manson
Producer/ Arranger Dennis Dreath

Arranger / Dori Amarilio
Vocals / Cathy Segal-Garcia



The Jazz Chamber

by Cathy Segal-Garcia